Here at judo.net, we would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of the combat sport judo.  

While the term Judo  means  "gentle way", there is nothing quite gentle about it. Judo is a combat sport.  Similar to other martial arts like taekwondo and aikido, judo is about the competitive edge, where the goal, simply put is to beat the opponent.

Most people believe that to study means one must commit to development of character, mind and body, as this is the primary goal of the art. Having successfully done this is tantamount to contributing something to the world.  

Judo is hinged on several principles, among these are the principle of cooperation, mutual benefit and, maximum efficiency.  Balance is important in judo. That is why balancing and off-balancing is important in this contact sport. The end goal of Judo is either to throw the opponent to the ground, incapacitate your opponent or to pin your opponent to the ground. There are two main combat periods in judo. The standing phase (tachi-waza) and the ground phase(ne-waza).   

Judo was found by the Japanese polymath, Jigoro Kano. Judoka is a judo practitioner, also known as the judo player. Judogi is the judo uniform.